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The global sense of urgency of climate change and sustainability has been reinforced by global policy response, including the EU Green Deal program. Sustainability will become an area of strategic focus and risk mitigation for companies in the years to come, and many regulatory initiatives have been launched.​

Sustainability will become an area of strategic focus and risk mitigation for companies in the years to come. ​

Regulatory initiatives launched include a.o. enhanced ESG transparency to help assess products and entities in terms of their ESG position and amendments to IDD to apply ESG factors in the assessments of investor’s profiles. But it will not end here. Sustainability will need to be integrated in risk and prudential framework and will have an impact on the long-term financing cost of companies. ​

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What we do

Our approach

Support you in the development of your sustainability transformation plan

Put in place a strong sustainability leadership and governance structure.
Integrate sustainability in your core business activities.

The EU Sustainable finance package (2018 EC Action Plan)

Support with understanding what this means for you and how this will impact your organization.
Drafting of a sustainability Legal Roadmap, including an impact and gap analysis & corresponding action plan (taking into account regulatory deadlines).
First things first: Setting up a concrete implementation track regarding SFDR, Taxonomy, and NFDR / CSRD.

The role of the insurance sector in the transition to net-zero is of utmost importance. There are a lot of opportunities to be exploited. Insurers are amongst the largest institutional investors, so the decision where to allocate their money can have a real impact.

Patricia Goddet - Service Lead Risk & Compliance


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