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Data Privacy

Data and information – whether customer credentials or intellectual property – are economic assets on which all organisations depend. Hence data security remains one of the highest-priority items on the corporate agenda. ​

Now more than ever technology advancements are driving business transformation at a record pace, innovating business models are developed rapidly, and existing operating models are shifting and evolving. From mobile to blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things, technology brings exciting new opportunities for transformation and growth. But adopting new technology also introduces new risks. This makes it essential for companies to build their organizational resilience, strengthen their core controls and increase their cyber security maturity to meet the challenges of technology and information risk.

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What we do

Our approach

Privacy Assessment

Perform a gap analysis of your current privacy situation offers a clear view on the privacy risks your organization currently faces as well as an idea of the measures to take to achieve compliance.
Support in drafting an action plan, adapted to the needs of your organization, can be delivered.
Conduct a privacy audit in order to track potential improvements an improve your compliance and demonstrate your privacy commitment, based on a proven framework and concrete recommendations.

Privacy Implementation & Governance

Set up a strong privacy governance.
Draft policies & procedures.
Support you in adapting and documenting business processes.
Adapt business documents.
Train people dealing with privacy rules and risks in their daily business

Privacy Training

Organize trainings, perfectly adapted to the needs of your organization.

Privacy Risk Assurance

Assist you in effectively dealing with a range of issues, from diagnostic reviews to reporting, and enable you to showcase your excellence.

Data Management & Security


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