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Regulatory Change and Compliance

The regulatory landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate and maintaining compliance is a challenge. New regulations place growing pressure on the executive management and add complexity to the organizational governance and control structure.

Conduct regulators are putting a growing emphasis on the economic consequences that poor value products and services have on consumers. On top of that, on a number of domains, a shift is on its way with supervisors looking to assess how new regulatory requirements have been implemented and suitably embedded in the organization.

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What we do

Our approach

Compliance support

Support with the development of a risk-based compliance risk assessment, action plan, compliance monitoring plan, etc.
Ad hoc advice on dedicated topics, or review of / support with the development of internal policies / procedures.

Regulatory watch

We can support you by screening and analyzing new published laws and regulations in order to determine if these would be applicable to your organization, taking into account your specific business model and activities. In case you would be impacted by a new regulation, we can propose concrete actions that need to be taken up by you to become compliant.

Quality assurance and remediation support

Support with the performance of quick scans, more in-depth reviews or the set-up of monitoring activities
Ex-ante support in the preparation of a regulatory inspection (compliance screening, implementation work)
Ex-post remediation support (drafting or roll-out of action plans, client file reviews, etc.)”

Regulatory strategy and response

Assist you in taking a proactive and forward-looking approach towards regulatory trends, impacts and issues by developing strategies and frameworks to manage and reduce regulatory risk
Support you with the performance of a Gap analysis/impact assessment
End-to-end delivery of projects with MDP approach including assessment of the impacts on Strategy, Processes & IT and People & Organization

Training and awareness

Provide training to internal staff (legal, compliance, risk, the business etc.) as well as distribution network

Compliance Reporting

Support compliance (and senior management) with the development of strong compliance / conduct risk indicators (management information)

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