Yauheni Kasko

Yauheni is an MBA graduate from KU Leuven University. He gained his first experience in the insurance industry as a market insights intern at AXA Belgium. He had an opportunity to work on different projects with focus mostly on non-life insurances and obtained valuable knowledge about the insurance market in Belgium. Being a good communicator, he also has strong analytical skills.


Yauheni acquired relevant experience and expertise within the Insurance industry through:

  • Assisting with the development and monitoring of the proposed projects both for the internal customers of the Customer & Data department and for the other departments of AXA Belgium
  • Analyzing the data required for the development of qualitative and quantitative studies, as well as the results that arise within the studies.
  • Extracting the insights that will serve as an input for the development of products/services and actions to be undertaken.
  • Supporting the market watch (competitive intelligence) by monitoring competitors’ marketing actions; announcement of final results
  • Supporting the foresight effort by following up on key strategic themes such as: digital transformation, blockchain, the impact of technologies on trends (mobility, smart home), innovation in financial services, Fintech, Big Data, Internet-of Things, wearables etc.
  • Preparing battle cards (including SWAT analysis about the main competitors)
  • Conducting a desk research about specific themes, such as impact of sponsoring on awareness, brand preference, etc.
  • Assisting in preparing the monthly and yearly reports


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Retail insurance (Life, Non-Life) - Corporate insurance (Life, Non-Life) - Product Management & Marketing - Business Analysis - Project Management