Maximes Hiel

Maximes has acquired several degrees, including a Bachelor in Facility Management, a degree in Business Administration and a Master in International Management. He is also certified as an insurance broker.

He has acquired a first experience in the insurance sector (life), more specifically while working on a project within the ‘Operations Life & Retail’ department at AXA Belgium.

He is a real team player, but is also able to work independently very well. Due to his perseverance, eagerness to learn and a hands-on mentality, he is a very goal- & solution-oriented and not afraid to take on challenges.


Maximes acquired relevant experience and expertise within the Insurance industry through:

  • Research the Business Architecture phenomenon of ‘Lean’ using both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Analysis of the acquired data in order to develop and implement practical solutions within the existing processes.
  • Restructuring the process and distribution methods of incoming tasks within a team.
  • Assisting in the execution and follow up of the ‘Crest 20’ buyout offer project at AXA Belgium.
  • Analyse, develop and implement workflow & digital transformation solutions within a reception process, in order to make it more efficient and less time consuming.
  • Conduct a desk research regarding the available (public or private) data sources concerning risk factors per specific insurance product. This in order to determine the level of insurance and risk of well-defined customer segments.
  • Conducting a SWOT-analysis of the top 5 Belgian insurers. This analysis was executed with the aim of establishing a future scenario plan as a part of a fictive business planning.


  • ERGO
  • AXA

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Life Insurance - Business analysis - Facility & Vendor Management - Change management