Mattijs Augustijnen

Mattijs is a business management graduate who obtained 3 years of experience in the insurance industry. He had the opportunity to work on 4 different projects focussing on both life and non-life insurances in IT related contexts. He has a strong analytical mind and good communication skills. He’s an enthusiastic person who enjoys contributing to projects and he’s and always eager to learn.


Mattijs acquired relevant experience and expertise within the Insurance industry through

  • Managing different test environments by planning timelines, code versions and datasets.
  • Functional test design for user acceptance testing with a focus on end-2-end processes and external interfaces.
  • Defining a test approach and design for new fiscal and non-fiscal branch 44 products.
  • Coordinating testing activities.
  • User education and application management support.
  • Drafting functional designs for data migration.


  • Fidea
  • Belfius Insurance

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Life & Non-life insurance - Underwriting - Policy Admin - Business analysis


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