Technology Consulting

We seamlessly combine insurance knowledge and technology expertise. Our technology-related missions are all about collaboration, people integration and a true partnership in order to support your digital transformation imperatives.

Our capabilities

  • IT Transformation

  • Architecture

  • Data Migration

  • Data & Analytics

Want to know how you can integrate your IT transformation with your organization's strategic roadmap? We have the knowledge and experience in place to support you. We combine our knowledge of IT delivery and the insurance ecosystem to secure a seamless and structured IT transformation in every step of the journey. You can count on us for:​

  • IT delivery model definition​
  • IT Delivery management (Program/Project Manager, Scrum Master)​
  • Functional & technical analysis​
  • Aftercare and Hypercare support

Curious how your organization can unlock the potential of a modular legacy dismantling approach? As thewave is involved at various insurers to put in practice this approach, we can help you define or refine your architectural transition roadmap, starting with a quick scan performed by our insurance industry-focused architects. The result is an independent review with actionable insights of how your organization can best modernize its legacy landscape​

  • Architectural Principles ​
  • Enterprise & solution architecture ​
  • API design & ecosystems ​
  • Data architecture​
  • Architectural Transition Roadmap

A data migration as part of an application reduction is the necessary final step in order realize the benefits of any application reduction effort. It is fair to say that every migration project is a major challenge and too often underestimated in terms of complexity and duration. Every delay in the execution also means delay in capitalizing on the benefit of decommissioning. We are experts in data migration and can help you in following domains: ​

• Data Migration assessment to optimally analyse & prepare
• E2E data migration execution from start to finish
• Data Migration Project Support depending on the roles you are missing​
• Functional Reconciliation Support


Want to know how we can support you being more data-driven? How to turn your data into actionable insights? ​

You can rely on us for:​​

  • Setting up a solid data foundation​
  • Exploring and analyzing your data​
  • Applying Machine Learning to maximize the value of your data​
  • Integrating IT-partners solutions to improve your results
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