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Strategy & Customer Experience (CX)

Winning in today’s hyper-competitive insurance sector requires the right strategy, speed, efficiency and customer focus. Our insurance expertise is our biggest differentiator. We have the accelerators and capabilities to guide and help our clients and their customers reach their goals.

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Our approach

What we do


We collaborate with our clients to establish a solid customer-centric vision and strategy to enhance experiences for all stakeholders, partners, employees and customers across all distribution channels. We define possibilities for optimizing, simplifying and rationalizing existing and future processes and define the needs of tomorrow’s customer.

CX Maturity

Digital transformation takes time, and is a series of evolutionary, and occasionally disruptive, steps. As in any journey, organizations need to decide where to go first. Together with our clients, we assess the level of CX maturity, identify where growth is possible and consider CX Focus Areas and Building Blocks.

By employing the right framework and a smart strategy, we collaborate with our clients to reap the benefits of digital transformation every step of the journey.


The CX framework we rely on

Assess where you stand as an organization in terms of CX maturity and identify where improvements can be considered, taking into account CX Focus Areas and Building Blocks.

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