Project & Change Management

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Client key questions

How to professionalize the Project Management function?

Ensur helps clients install Project & Change Mgt best practices, focusing on practice rather than theory (put in place a methodology that suits the purpose of the project); install PM governance including a Project Office; select and implement tools to support PM practices; train in-house PMs on the job.

How to manage the project portfolio holistically?

Ensur helps clients assess their project portfolio against proven criteria; assess the level of professionality of their PPM function; draw a clear action plan to implement good practices; select and implement tools to support the PPM function.

How to best manage projects?

Ensur helps clients DELIVER on projects, not only by managing budgets, priorities and timing, but also business scope and content. This includes a strong collaboration between business and IT, and a close managing of IT vendors. Not to forget: a strong focus on project governance and communication.

How to best execute Change Management?

Ensur helps clients execute Change Management in a very practical manner, focusing on communication, training and stakeholder management – supported by easy-to-use excel-based tools.

How to identify and prioritize strategic options?

Ensur helps clients incorporate internal and external factors (including future trends) into a workable and understandable strategy. Starting with workshops combining brainstorming (‘getting wild’) with defining and prioritizing concrete actions (‘getting real’).

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Ensur helps managing the Quinity insurance Solution, a standard software solution supporting the core front, mid and back office processes of insurance companies.


Client issues & objectives

  • Replacing the non-life insurance systems by a new solution,  Keylane’s non-life package (QIS)
  • Implementation of a new platform for all non-life insurance product lines (car, property, worker compensation, health, …).
  • The solution is integrated fully with the client referentials and offers next to the back-office and the intermediary a new digital channel.
  • This supports online mobile sales and servicing for the end clients.

Ensur roles & Deliverables

  • Local insurance expertise
    • Bringing in local insurance knowledge during the design phase
    • Configuration of the product and execute pre-user testing
    • Migration design and testing
  • Local project management
    • Representing the vendor with the local insurance company
    • Managing project resources locally
    • Reporting to client management

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Ensur helps managing the replacement of the current Operating platform  towards the new Global Solution.


Client issues & objectives

  • After the separation from a big insurer and migration of the Non Life portfolio (Genesis), the client needed to make the complete separation from the source systems before the end of 2015 by transferring the Life portfolio.
  • The remaining Life portfolio was a run-off portfolio
  • The Helena project scope included steering all the program phases (Design, Develop, Deploy) towards a full operational production environment at the agreed dates.

Ensur roles & Deliverables

  • Program Management
    • Leading and coordinating the insurer activities in the implementation of Helena. The program manager was the primary project communication channel between insurer and the external partner for the complete scope of the project.
  • Test Management
    • Overall test lead for the different test streams, responsible for working out test strategy, approach and test execution of the new solution for the full insurance portfolio.
    • Leading an international team of testers, customers, development team and third party throughout the development and test project.
    • Life insurance Business Expertise

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