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Operating Model Integrations

Transforming an organization to the Target Operating Model (TOM) is a challenging exercise that requires specialized guidance. At ENSUR, we combine a unique knowledge of the insurance industry with the change skills that are needed during the transition from start to deployment.

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What we do

Our approach

Step 1: Change Analysis

We analyze the Case for Change and determine the Future Vision together with you. For this, we will perform:

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Change Readiness Analysis
  • Stakeholder Group Definition
  • Change Network (incl. task description)
  • Change Barometer

Step 2: Communication Plan

Ensuring that all stakeholders are involved and informed on the change track that will be rolled out, we will analyze the Communication environment, and deliver:

  • Communication Plan

Step 3: Training plan

Training the people who are part of the reorganization is a key element in successful transformations. By identifying the gaps in knowledge and skills, training needs are discovered and we can start to design the training plan.

Step 4: Integrated Change Implementation Plan

An Operating Model Integration needs to be managed as any other project to ensure a proper planning and follow-up of the deliverables. For this, we will install:

  • Integrated Planning
  • Budgeted efforts
  • Plan on one Page
  • Program Charter
  • Documentation Repository

Find out how we will support you throughout the different phases of your Operating Model Integration.

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