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Mergers and Acquisitions Support

At ENSUR, we combine a sound experience of M&A projects with a unique knowledge of the insurance industry, from the operational and IT aspects to the products and the regulation.

Are you searching for support on an M&A project?
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What we do

Our approach

Merger and acquisition projects are complex, impacting numerous aspects of your organization:

  • Finance: valuation of the target portfolio, reporting, etc.
  • Legal & compliance: are there compliance issues with the target portfolio?
  • Risk: SII reporting, new operational risks, etc.
  • Operations: impact of the target portfolio on your teams and on your organization
  • IT: impact of the target portfolio on your systems, data migration
What we do

We will support you throughout the different phases of your M&A project

Phase 1


We will help you to anticipate the costs of the acquisition:

  • Analyse the target products and policies characteristics
  • Identify the gaps on the target IT systems
  • Analyse the migration options
  • Build a planning & evaluate the costs
  • Provide input for the offer
Phase 2


DORP means "Day One Readiness Plan". On the first day, the buyer becomes the owner of the new portfolio and assumes full responsibility. He must be ready to administrate the insurance policies, to report on the new portfolio, he must comply with the regulations... A real challenge.

We help you to be ready by considering the options you have (Full Migration, Commercial Migration, TPA, etc.) and drawing up the optimal transfer plan.

Phase 3


The Transaction Service Agreement is the period during which the vendor still provides a set of services to the buyer, while the buyer operates the transfer of the new policies.

  • Bring the necessary evolutions to the target systems
  • Migrate the new policies on your systems
  • Review you organization to absorb the new portfolio

We can help you to build and execute an implementation plan. We can also manage the data migration.

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