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Client key questions

How to make the BUILD or BUY decision?

Ensur helps clients draw a detailed business case comparing benefits and costs of developing a solution in house vs buying it externally, based on a thorough documentation of business requirements; formulate clear decision points and present them to the Board; document the decision taken including a high-level implementation plan.

How to select the right packaged solution?

Ensur helps clients list possible vendors based on knowledge of the market; draw and follow up Request for Information and Request for Proposal, based on detailed functional and non-functional requirements; evaluate vendors against a proven methodology, visualizing scores in an excel-based tool; document the decision points and present them to the Board.

How to migrate data from one system to another?

Ensur helps clients draw a clear migration strategy and approach; detail the migration scope (applications, data, history, …); tackle the data quality issue; design and test the migration (data mapping, reconciliation); draw a detailed cut-over plan, including transitional measures; execute the migration.

How to implement a new solution?

Ensur helps clients draw a detailed Solution implementation plan; transform business requirements into functional and technical specs; follow up on development, testing and implementation activities; install clear governance.

How to make Testing more efficient and effective?

Ensur helps clients draw a clear and detailed Test plan based on proven methodologies and market best practices; identify and document the different test roles; develop and roll out reporting and governance; manage test teams on large programs.

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The client was looking for a native application to facilitate the pre-sales and sales process. Ensur completed the pre-study, selected the right package and implemented the solution.


Client issues & objectives

  • Design and Implementation of a new mobile sales tool (iConsult), taking into account
    1. Business vision developend by Sales
    2. Legal requirements: AssurMiFID
    3. Process optimisation & efficiency improvement
    4. requirements set by the Operations department
  • Decomissioning of old front office tools
  • Integration with Contract Management Systems

Ensur roles & Deliverables

  • Support internal people with analysis work
  • Overall delivery responsibility for business and functional analysis documents + alignment with external software provider
  • Steering of internal resources + facilitation of workshops
  • Support of internal PM: planning, project coordination, provide insight on details and content of different streams
  • Test planning and coordination of delivered functionalities
  • Follow up internal developments by IT

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Ensur helps implementing the Quinity insurance Solution, a standard software solution supporting the core front, mid and back office processes of insurance companies.


Client issues & objectives

  • Replacing the non-life insurance systems by a new solution, Keylane’s non-life package (QIS)
  • Implementation of a new platform for all non-life insurance product lines (car, property, worker compensation, health, …).
  • The solution is integrated fully with the client referentials and offers next to the back-office and the intermediary a new digital channel.
  • This supports online mobile sales and servicing for the end clients. Ensur participated in the bid as the local insurance consultant

Ensur roles & Deliverables

  • Local insurance expertise
    • Bringing in local insurance knowledge during the design phase
    • Configuration of the product and execute pre-user testing
    • Migration design and testing
  • Local project management
    • Representing the vendor with the local insurance company
    • Managing project resources locally
    • Reporting to client management

Ensur members

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Further information

Ensur @ Comarch breakfast event

Ensur was invited to speak at Comarch ‘s first insurance business breakfast session.

During this session Stephan Podevyn shared insights and best practices acquired throughout different successful projects focusing on migration approaches and how insurers could overcome the typical challenges in migration tracks.

Check out his presentation by clicking here.

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