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Client key questions

How to install structural innovation in our company?

Ensur helps clients add innovation aspects to existing processes (typically Product Development); install specific innovation processes and governance; hold workshops to discuss best practices from innovation leaders both inside and outside the insurance industry.

How to measure overall performance of our company?

Ensur helps clients construct value driver trees visualizing how Key Performance Indicators influence each other and overall performance; select and document a limited set of KPIs; consolidate KPIs into Balanced Scorecards; pilot and roll-out scorecards throughout company.

How to best tackle large transformations?

Ensur helps clients design a Target Operating Model visualizing what the envisaged transformation should result in, and linking strategy to business architecture to IT architecture; translate the TOM into detailed requirements; document the gaps between AS-IS and TO-BE; draw a detailed and realistic implementation plan; roll out the TOM.

How to better align strategy, processes and architecture?

Ensur helps clients install the principles of Business and Enterprise Architecture, installing clear links and back & forth traceability between strategy, processes and IT applications; document these principles; select and implement a tool to make principles workable in daily practice.

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Ensur has helped the client documenting all E2E processes in their process management tool “Adonis” and installing a business architecture creating links between strategy, processes, IT applications and risks and controls.

Client issues & objectives

  • Ensur supported the design of the client’s business architecture. This extended to the design of all existing processes of all departments, ranging from policy administration to Finance. The documentation of the business architecture has brought a better view of operational improvements and compliance across the entire organization.

Ensur roles & Deliverables

  • Set up of the business architecture methodology
  • Design and documentation of level 3 and level 4 processes in Adonis
  • Coordination of the exericise involving Ensur and client resources

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