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Digital Solutions

When building digital solutions, we apply a design thinking approach. With our thorough knowledge of insurance products & processes and by putting the user first, we have a sound experience in building prototypes for the insurance ecosystems. These digital solutions are tailored for the insurance ecosystem and show real added value for the specific needs of the insurance user. We are ready to further scale these prototypes in a co-creation mode and are convinced that it will create an accelerator effect for your digital plans. ​

  • Sara: our digital Assistant for leveraging NLP & Computer Vision
  • Undercover: engage with customers in a meaningful way

Avatar Sara
Meet Sara

Digital Assistent Sara

Sara is not your regular chatbot, or some sort of upgraded FAQ for that matter. This chatbot is next generation: highly focused on a specific insurance process, connected, intelligent.

More specifically, Sara guides you through the rather stressful First Notification of Loss process, or in human language (which Sara is very good at): the registration of a car accident claim. Sara boasts different interesting features, aiming at relieving customer pain as much as possible.

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Use cases

How can Sara help you?

The customer

I want to contact my broker immediately to register this claim!

The broker

Tuut tuut tuut... We are open every working day from 9 to 12, and from 14 to 17.


I can help you now to register your claim. I will quickly guide you through the process.

The customer

Should I even register this claim? I don’t even know if this damage is covered!

The broker

I will check and come back to you as soon as possible.


Yes, this damage is covered, under policy number 123.

The customer

You want to know the exact timing and location of the accident? Errr ...

The broker

Yes I know, but I need this information for the insurance company.


The photograph you uploaded was taken on Saturday 11:55, in 1200 Brussels, Kunstlaan 19 AD.

The customer

My God, all this information I have to provide to register a claim! And where do I have to send this crash form?

The broker

Don’t tell me! I have to put all those data in my system. Can you send me a copy of that crash form by the way?


I will prefill all the information I already have in the broker’s system. I will quickly upload the crash form.

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Get to know the features

We know registering a claim is a cumbersome, even painful process – both for ‘victims’ and brokers. That’s why we have endowed Sara with state-of-the art features, making the process as effortless and painless as possible. Find out below!

Sara’s is already smart
and yet always learning

Sara contains a powerful Natural Learning Processing (NLP) engine, based on proven technology of our partner Chatlayer. NLP allows Sara to:

  • Interpret expressions in common language
  • Convert the unstructured replies of the user into structured data
  • Learn and adapt to the language of the users

Sara is engaging and interactive

Sara’s User Interface (UI) is meant to improve customer engagement and minimize user input. It provides:

  • A lot of interactive and dynamic visuals
  • Input fields with suggestions (date, street, time…)
  • Prefilled selections based on the appropriate data in the Broker Management System (BMS)

Sara can read and classify photos

Sara can interpret the metadata of uploaded photos pertaining to the registered claim. More specifically, she extracts the following information from photos, adding it seamlessly into the process:

  • Precise time & date
  • Precise location

Sara can classify the severity and location of the damages on the car solely based upon uploaded photos by using Computer Vision technology.

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