Facilitating digital growth

As a strategic partner, we help our clients streamline digital business growth in both end-to-end transformation programs and the development of digital tools. We aim to enhance existing and future processes, we maximize efficiency and enhance customer intimacy across all platforms and touchpoints.

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Our capabilities

  • Strategy & Customer Experience (CX)

  • Design

  • Build, Roll out and Scale up

  • Digital Solutions

Strategy & Customer Experience (CX)

Winning in today’s hyper-competitive insurance sector requires the right strategy, speed, efficiency and customer focus. Our insurance expertise is our biggest differentiator. We have the accelerators and capabilities to guide and help our clients and their customers reach their goals.

  • CX Maturity
  • Strategy


We collaborate with our clients to create digital tools that integrate the requirements for business success, the needs of people and the possibilities of technology. We research, ideate, test and validate before we start building. The thewave design framework is your guarantee that your efforts will result in efficiency gains, a better customer experience with great adoption and the solid engagement you are aiming for.

  • User Research & Insights
  • Prototyping
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Design System

Build, Roll Out and Scale Up

Developing the digital product of service starts with a Minimum Viable Product or Pilot using/following an agile approach. We then continue to iterate along the discovery track to challenge every step (sprint) from a user's perspective. We help setting up CX Design Accelerators to ensure a smooth run and a basis for further upscaling within the organization. We help acquiring further capabilities for scaling up and defining a growth strategy in order to increase organizational maturity and scale up the solution.

  • Web & Mobile Engineering
  • Custom Solution Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Integration Engineering
  • Q&A Assurance
  • Design System
  • Customer Insights & Metrics


Digital Solutions

When building digital solutions, we apply a design thinking approach. With our thorough knowledge of insurance products & processes and by putting the user first, we have a sound experience in building prototypes for the insurance ecosystems. These digital solutions are tailored for the insurance ecosystem and show real added value for the specific needs of the insurance user. We are ready to further scale these prototypes in a co-creation mode and are convinced that it will create an accelerator effect for your digital plans. ​

  • Sara: our Digital Assistant for leveraging NLP & Computer Vision
  • Undercover: engage with customers in a meaningful way
What we do

How we help our clients

Insurance Expertise

Ensur’s ecosystem allows us to move quickly, speed up and empower teams with the right insurance expertise.

Digital Transformation

We team up with our clients on both end-to-end transformation programs and the development of digital tools.

Digitizing Operations

We go from analog to digital and focus on optimiziation, simplification of exisiting processes.

Design Thinking

We put customer needs and expectations at the center of every decision and process.

Capability Building

We help grow your organization and your employees. We help shape a growth culture and share our expertise with practice or training.

Digital Revenue

We unleash the power of digital outside organizational boundaries and launch new digital businesses.

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Prototyping Sprint

We answer important business challenges in only a few weeks and transform how your team works.

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