Data Migration

A data migration project can have many different aspects, but at thewave we can help from start to finish.

Here are the engagements that we can take on:

• Data Migration Assessment
• Data Migration Project Support
• Reconciliation Support
• E2E Data Migration Execution

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A Typical migration project

Our team of experts is here to give a helping hand and guide you through the migration process. Why choose us for your data migration?

  • We have product, process & deep insurance data knowledge
  • Our hands-on knowledge of the main insurance admin systems
  • A proven track record at multiple insurers
  • A data migration platform that allows to execute very fast trial runs
  • We factor in data quality early in the process
What we do

Our insurance data migration wave-based methodology

Our iterative model wave-based approach shows that we can carry out almost all activities within an End-to-End data migration project, if requested. Before the approach and planning phase our migration method assessment tool can be used to determine the ideal migration method for your portfolio

Phase 1

Migration Method Assessment

At thewave we created a model to assess the migration method. All the drivers influencing a data migration are considered.

Phase 2

Approach & Planning

We can deliver the general approach and planning but also the high level product gap analysis, the migration sprint planning and the migration project charter.

Phase 3

Migration Sprints (iterative)

The first iterative wave with the following activities:

  • Mapping designs
  • Data transformation & enrichment
  • Data Loading
  • In sprint testing
  • Technical reconciliation
Phase 4

Testing & Certification (iterative)

The second iterative wave with the following activities:

  • Static testing
  • Dynamic application testing
  • Dynamic interface testing
  • Functional reconciliation
Phase 5

Cut Over To Production

We can foresee in the necessary cutover management to realise the migration in production & dress rehearsals.

Activities throughout the entire approach

During the entire process we also make sure that data quality is not overlooked by for example factoring in data quality early in the process so that it will not come on the critical path. We can take care of several activities such as data quality assessment, data quality rules inventory creation and data cleansing.

Our most recent work

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