Customer Service Management

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Client key questions

How to convert customer contracts into leads?

Ensur helps clients transform client conversation into conversion; determine optimal contact frequency and channel mix; list and document means of getting response from customers; identify and document triggers to start a customer dialogue; develop and implement a means of qualifying and managing cross-sell and up-sell leads.

How to improve customer experience at each touchpoint?

Together with its partners Ensur helps clients incorporate best e-commerce practices from leading industries whilst preserving the specificities of the insurance business; typically starting with workshops and brainstorm sessions to decide which practices could serve the client.

How to improve customer complaint handling?

Ensur helps clients assess their complaints handling process against good market practices (response timing, complaints resolution ratio); re-engineer the complaints handling process; clarify complaints handling roles & responsibilities and governance; select and implement tools to support claims handling.

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The client was looking for a native application to facilitate the pre-sales and sales process. Ensur completed the pre-study, selected the right package and implemented the solution.


Client issues & objectives

  • Design and Implementation of a new mobile sales tool (iConsult), taking into account
    1. Business vision developend by Sales
    2. Legal requirements: AssurMiFID
    3. Process optimisation & efficiency improvement
    4. requirements set by the Operations department
  • Decomissioning of old front office tools
  • Integration with Contract Management Systems

Ensur roles & Deliverables

  • Support internal people with analysis work
  • Overall delivery responsibility for business and functional analysis documents + alignment with external software provider
  • Steering of internal resources + facilitation of workshops
  • Support of internal PM: planning, project coordination, provide insight on details and content of different streams
  • Test planning and coordination of delivered functionalities
  • Follow up internal developments by IT

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