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Business Strategy Implementation

Business Strategy Implementation projects can be very different in nature, including the implementation of:

  • Packaged or custom-built solutions due to phasing out of legacy systems, or integration of several systems;
  • System enhancements linked with tax, compliance or legal changes and/or process optimizations;
  • Set-up of new products or product lines;
  • Set-up of new or updated documents;

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A typical Business Strategy Implementation project

These projects typically require teams with multi-disciplinary skills with one common denominator: knowledge of the insurance industry. Whatever the nature of your project is, our multi-disciplinary ENSUR team is ready to support you through all phases of your project, from inception to (post) go-live!

We will support you by:

  • Taking up critical Project Management and Content roles
  • Securing delivery through experience and leveraging our knowledge of packaged solutions
  • Program management and advice on the Project Portfolio to achieve the business strategy
What we do

We can drive, advice or assist you in each of these activities

Phase 1

Inception & planning

We support you in the:

  • selection of your solution provider (screening, RFP, RFQ, vendor scoring)
  • set-up of your business case
  • definition of the key objectives of your project
  • set-up of your project planning, budget, team and governance

The preparatory steps taken in this phase are key for the later success of the implementation project.

Phase 2

Analysis, Design & Implementation

We support you in the definition, design, validation and follow-up of implementation of requirements. Depending on your project, this will be done based on process analysis, workshops, etc. Throughout the implementation phase, we will keep track of the progress and ensure any topics are timely resolved. Meanwhile, the next phases are prepared.

Phase 3

Testing & go-live readiness

We support you in test design, test execution, test management, as well as implementing the go-no go governance and ensuring the go-live readiness of your organisation.

Phase 4

Post go-live

We support you in the follow-up of post go-live issues and in solving remaining defects.

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