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Sustainability Innovation Lab

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching our Sustainability Innovation Lab for the Insurance Sector. And we are happy to invite you to its Opening event in December!

The goal of the Lab is to empower industry collaboration on Sustainability in insurance and search for innovative solutions to accelerate Digital and Sustainable transformation.

In a first phase the Lab will focus on:

  1. Research on Sustainability in Insurance: regulatory & sustainability reporting, climate and transition risk management, product innovation and thought leadership.
  2. Research on Digital Transformation and Customer Experience in Insurance: the rise of new technologies and the importance of UX for insurers as they move into the digital space.
  3. Sustainability & Digital Innovation: industry accelerators with start-ups, innovation sprints powered by Design Thinking, and building an ecosystem around Sustainability & Digital Partnerships in Insurance.
  4. Events and Knowledge Sharing with regulatory and industry experts for creating a support network on ESG.

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