The insurance sector is facing disruption, often coming from small innovative players, also known as “InsurTech” companies. As trusted advisor for many insurers and intermediaires in Belgium, Ensur strongly believes it can contribute to a structural transformation of the insurance industry by developing itself innovative solutions, built on day-to-day experience in the field.

EnsurTech start-up

We generate ideas, triggered by unmet needs and challenges faced by insurers, intermediaries and insurance clients.  We elaborate, test and bring them to maturity through new products and services in the market.

We now developed a prototype of our app for insured people, called UnderCover! Find out more about UnderCover here.

Partners for entrepreneurs

We also welcome outside ideas, brought by entrepreneurs looking for a partner to coach, provide industry insights and offer seeding capital, to get that new idea of the ground!

Insurance intrapreneurs

We assist intrapreneurs within existing corporations that want to experiment with new ideas and test innovative products and services. We bring the Lean Start-Up approach to work jointly with you in true entrepreneurship.


In case you want to find out more about our EnsurTech Services, click here to contact us

EnsurTech lead: Kris Claessens

  • E-mail:  kris.claessens@ensur.be
  • Mobile: +32 476 47 98 90