Corporate Identity

The name Ensur

The Ensur logo

Ensur is a reliable partner with long-term experience in the Insurance domain. It stands for a no-nonsense approach and an integer positioning.

Ensur is trustworthy, as It will always follow through on its commitments and deadlines it has or were set.

Ensur is one with its clients as it confronts the challenges of the insurance sector and therefore its clients with knowledge and experience. The strength lies in Ensurs fast integration and proactive approach.

Finally, Ensur understands the clients current and future challenges and can help them finding the answers.

All these things are captivated in the S-services mentioned below, which leads to the emphasis on the Ensur S.

The green color chosen stands for everything that Ensur is representing: Growth - Intelligence - Freshness - Durability - Honesty - Purity - Balance and Lively attitude.

Our service is different from the competition because we believe that the clients success is our success. We dream together with our clients and equally lie awake with them in challenging times. Always we bring the extra effort to come to results and decisions.

All represented in a strong identifiable corporate brand:

The Ensur values

Ensur defined clear values which are part of the Ensur DNA. They guide the way Ensur works with its clients, within the insurance sector and with each other.

One team, One family

  • We feel at home @ Ensur
  • We are always ready to help out colleagues
  • We pro-actively share knowledge

Openness & Transparency

  • We share a no-nonsense & pragmatic attitude
  • We communicate openly
  • We listen to each other with an open mind

Innovation & Creativity

  • We think & act as entrepreneurs
  • We constantly work on innovating our offering
  • We share ideas on improving our way of working

Client focus

  • We focus on delivery
  • We don't compromise on quality
  • We try to exceed client expectations

Passion & Fun

  • We share a passion for consulting, project management and insurance
  • We work hard & play hard
  • We believe in the force of humour