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Digitizing the process of Employee Benefit Claims and creating a better Customer Experience

Our customer is leading the way when it comes to digital transformation within the insurance sector. For the past years, they have been reshaping the state of the industry by digitizing insurance operations and building a digital culture. For this challenge, we tapped into the process of Employee Benefit. We collaborated to bring the process from analog to digital. At the same time, we optimized & streamlined the existing process and created a better customer experience for everyone involved.

The Approach

Prototyping Sprint

We always value Design Thinking as a strategy for creating digital solutions, because it encourages you to really focus on the people you are creating the solution for. We match what is desirable from a human point of view, what is technologically feasible and what is viable from a business point of view.

For this particular project, we carried out a Prototyping Sprint: this is what we coin a Sprint version of Design Thinking. Simply put: depending on the customer’s challenge, we perform the right Design Thinking activities with the right people in a timeboxed and facilitated way. This means focus, fast decision making and getting the most out of your team’s knowledge in only a few weeks.

A prototyping sprint is held before we actually start building digital solutions . First, we always discover and validate potential solutions. That way, we know we are making the right design before we start building. As a result, we reduce the risk of investing a lot of time and money.



Through a first Discovery Workshop together with the customer’s domain experts and our UX specialists, we defined the business goals and vision, identified the target audience, mapped the user journey, visualized challenges, prioritized problem statements. In other words, we listened and understood the customer’s goal and main challenges and defined our focus on the right problems to solve.

We held 4 iterating Prototyping Workshops with the domain experts and UX specialists. Here we discovered possible solutions to then create a tangible prototype of the solution. We explored new ideas and tested multiple scenarios, while adjusting along the way to optimize the final solution.


In the Validation phase, we conducted Usability Tests with the people who will actually use the final solution. We discovered what worked and what needed to be improved to then incorporate the insights into the Clickable Prototype. We continued shaping the solution and created a high level backlog.

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The Conclusion

The result was a responsive (mobile & desktop) design and a validated clickable prototype of the ‘moment of truth process’. This included technical constraints of the existing infrastructure, a style guide and component library.

The outcome was focus, decision-making, stakeholder buy-in and a validated solution.

Together with our client, we designed the optimal Customer Journey. We translated this into a positive experience for users at every touchpoint and interaction. Our customer is now ready to build the right digital solution where discovery and development go hand in hand.

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